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女检察官许婷|法国蔓莎Name?D smell speech, immediately lack of interest, aside from the pound asked with a smile: "strategist how to prepare to deploy? If necessary, will be willing to serve at the end of the?"

"No." Falling in to grant shook his head: "He is a cavalry, come and go like the wind, and our army cavalry but three thousand, if chase, will be hurt by it, general don't worry, and quietly watch its change! I view d this person, although there will be slightly, but anxious like a fire, just need to exhaust its spirit, when it is paralyzed, will reveal a flaw.""How? The Qifu tribe has sent out the whole army this time. Even if we go up there, it will only add more than five hundred lives." Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the vast army of begging fu tribe with destroyed the momentum of the day to the huns tribe, fragile village wall simply can't withstand the charge of this scale, but dug a pit outside the horse, can let these begging fu tribe people eat a big loss.Looking at step root irrevocably left the figure, kui head suddenly some regret, after all, this is his own brother, if he really have what, don't you want to entrust the future of the whole xianbei king's court to temuzhen?女检察官许婷|"Master, are we in the wrong place?" Sentence suddenly wry smile way: "This kui head, how to look, do not seem to be a big deal."

女检察官许婷|"Want to go? Leave your head behind!" Coss sneer at 1, crazy drink 1, with people chasing.Wei yan sneer at 1, broadsword rotation, a recruit dragon claw, straight to the palace, is a stuffy sound, will coss knife cloud hit, then launched a more violent attack, coss tired of parry, two people fight together, in a flash fought for dozens of rounds, wei yan stirrup help, the more fierce the knife, let coss gradually some sense of powerlessness.Take a deep breath, temuzhen knife-like eyes swept over a group of huns generals, cold hum a track: "I'm not dead yet, this matter, I have a problem, sentence sudden, upright when stay, others, give me out!"

"How can I say that this is also my king's court, begging for goyang, leave all the population and cattle and sheep, take your people and get out of here!" Step root glanced at a group of face show grief and indignation of begging voltman, sneer at a way.At that same time, Kui head of the king's tent, step root and a few xianbei chief brows deep lock, as lyu3 bu4 expected, as temuzhen this with five hundred lives destroyed a big tribe legendary will join xianbei king's court, in xianbei king's court to bring great prestige, also let xianbei king's court below those tribes have a sense of crisis.Xu togeher as one of the four counsellors of lombardi, As a matt of principle, Even if not as respected as the native cremation of the Tian family, Also not to be snubbed, but xu togeher although talented, just character greed, usually not less use of their hands to ask for bribes, so in lombardi's four counselors, xu togeher is the most unpopular one, but xu togeher this person, have eyes, can't touch, he is absolutely not to provoke.女检察官许婷|




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