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向幸姿|51soleLiu2 bei4 big marriage, probably be this jian an 13 years for the world, more influential one biggest matter, in"My Lord, according to the nightingale, zhuge liang was casting a batch of weapons for our army in nanyang. At that time, the camp was very secret. Nighthawk stood behind lv bu and bowed."Don't need to know, just remember, may be useful in the future." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head: "people for the rest of your life's greatest wealth, not torre to you what, but must have the courage to face, if one day, dad is gone, you are the one we had pillar, you have to learn to face, afraid it doesn't matter, if it doesn't even have the courage to face, torre to you one more thing, you are untenable.""Enough! Cao cao waved his hand and motioned gao yan to retreat. The alliance had not yet begun, but contradictions were stirring up inside.

Face to face, xunyou a bitter face, look at cao cao said: "Lord, the army medicine has not been able to keep up, many wounded soldiers have no way to treat."As far as I know." Jia xu thought for a while and said, "since liu yan's death, liu zhang has been trying to attract people from all over the country by means of huairou, but not only failed, but also made the family momentum sheng, I'm afraid liu zhang heart, there are similar ideas, but now liu zhang wants to promote the field, afraid is also difficult.Liu bei was a little ashamed. After all, he was still planning his family's property.向幸姿|This is buried hidden trouble at the root of the giffin said liu bei, zhuge liang even more severe, he also can't control the heart, and this step, is to take the various ge is bright at a quick victory xiangyang, and after some plot is clean, now again want to fully integrated JingXiang family, than the various ge is bright, is expected to ten times more than difficult.

向幸姿|Had xiangyang world war I, a lot of people feel puzzling, there should be a bloody fight, in the end, but within a xiangyang wrong, many people think that luck is liu bei, but zhou yu is carefully studied, back and forth from many clues to summary, let zhou yu gradually clarify the context, and from then on, Zhou Yucai real importance to zhuge liang."Uncle, this is not the way back to jiangdong. Where are we going now?" < / p > < p > leave cao jun camp, but sun jing did not take sun yi directly to lujiang, but toward the song mountain west and go, sun yi can not help but curious.Inside and xiangyang, under the external environment, will inevitably form division, CAI kuai, after all, two this represents the interests of the two group, CAI home finished, but kuai home but didn't do anything widespread indignation and discontent, xiangyang is already give a, to catch their fly, don't say kuai, even attached same Yu Cai domestic interest groups will be shaken.

"No." Liu bei looked at cao cao and solemnly sent wang Yin to cao cao."Lunch, Sir... "One girl said."How can the governor say so?" Lv meng shook his head and said, "the overseer is the pillar of jiangdong.向幸姿|





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