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北京同仁医院喉科|城管服装"All gone?" Lyu3 bu4 is negotiating with han de and others how to attack hanyang next, where to start, suddenly heard the news of the withdrawal of troops, some dismayed."Cao cao sent someone to the peace talks?" Lyu3 bu4 picked up eyebrows, looked at marotta."At the end of the day!" Seibel three people loudly agreed to 1, leave, lyu3 bu4 military forces now scattered around, seibel can only let Chen xing, xu sheng overnight to gather military forces, himself with now stationed in changan two thousand infantry, first step to the locust.

A sharp arrow to break the empty, since both cheeks flashed past, hum a nail behind both zhang on the tower, the arrow buzzing straight sound.As if to verify the words of pound, with the first ladder on the wall of the moment, the wall, countless jars were thrown out from behind the wall, overflowing toward the defensive forces under the wall."Master!" Two soldiers kept outside the king's tent saw lyu3 bu4, look a su, salute to lyu3 bu4.北京同仁医院喉科|"No, not enough." Giffin smiled and said, "Tomorrow is the day of the annual sacrifice of Baishui Qiang. In this sacrifice, the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people will be chosen, and then the Qiang warriors will fight for it. As long as they can win the final victory, they will get the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people. Xu hopes that the master will bring back the beauty."

北京同仁医院喉科|"Mr. Yuan Chang!" The burly general turned and dismounted. He kicked the headless corpse away and frowned at the middle-aged scribe. "Brother," he said, "let me come at your disposal, but you shouldn't have done that.""Big... adult, open... open the door, or we will be killed!" Just in the heart of both secretly anxious, zhang county commandant hesitated.

Road to step by step, lyu3 bu4 know what they are now the most critical is to do, so in consultation with marotta, also just talk about improving the treatment of craftsmen to ji hair craftsmen work enthusiasm, as for improving the status of craftsmen, lyu3 bu4 is impossible to mention to anyone until the time is ripe.Is humiliated wimps waiting to die, or a spectacular bet, win the bet, the moon people will usher in another brilliant, lyu3 bu4's words, the king of the moon people has a deadly attraction.The people of the moon people did not say, His han army followed him all the way from west cool to hetao, Turning to thousands of miles, each is a tough battle, nerves have long been taut, if don't find an opportunity to let them vent, so on, sooner or later, these soldiers will be suppressed into a only know killing madman, by then, is lyu3 bu4 also difficult to control, if back to the west cool, these people will become a disaster.北京同仁医院喉科|





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