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小东西好紧水都流出来了|力歌胶囊In the following days, lu bu even set up a trade fair on the yuechi lake, which was devoted to selling xiongnu slaves, women and some goods from xiongnu.The gloomy sky covered with dark clouds, with a damp wind blowing across the vast hetao grassland, lv bu's heart raised a shadow."When the spring begins, I will lead the hussar and riding battalion to the battle. With the horses and soldiers of the yuezhi, it may be difficult to fight, but you will win." Lyu3 bu4 think, although the hussar ride guard only 300, but equip on enough to finish explode qiang hu, family person, add yue family hu of soldiers and horses, lyu3 bu4 confidence still can sweep hetao.

"Good!" < / p > < p > lu lingqi's face finally spread a excited smile, silver gun point, is according to the characteristics of the weak female lu bu, specializing in the teaching of the way of the battle, cruel and spicy, a little not careful, will eat a big loss."First row, go!"Be!" Tanu sent a team of 100 men to launch a tentative attack.小东西好紧水都流出来了|While in the later known as the battle of guandu, but in fact there is no this war underscored the importance of guandu, cao cao and Carthage in preparation stage, the white horse, branches, hedong and gaotang area, are both sides of the competition for places, lyu3 bu4 and giffin do each party, respectively, the role of Carthage and cao cao, deduction on the possible future directions.

小东西好紧水都流出来了|"No!Han sui thought carefully, I am afraid to detour from lv bu wudu, surprise attack jincheng that half a month began to calculate, just half a month time, han sui suddenly lost more than half of the territory, the original want to fight with lv bu in wuwei desperate, even attracted the huns to fight, how arrogant of 300,000 troops?

"Yeah." Keats looked at zhaoyun doubt: "the Lord is the Lord yong cool, the imperial court conferred the hussars riding general, last year also married ten thousand years of princess, calculate up, the Lord is now also the royal relatives."Don't say do it, even if kill you, what can you do?" Lv lingqi coldly glanced at him, proudly way."Those han Chinese won't let us go." The other qiang shook their heads: "even if we find general agouri, he has been captured alive by the han army, it is impossible to run out?"小东西好紧水都流出来了|




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