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一代皇后大玉儿剧情|虎纹蛙批发Think about yourself, pang tong suddenly felt that his experience with lv zheng is very similar, often thought of this, pang tong had a sense of laughter.Today's bureau, cao cao there had a thorough deployment, even listen to lu bu movements, time and place of lyu3 bu4 inevitable today and even side guard has accurate information, but this has nothing to do with history, and he needed, just target, and then complete the task, it's as simple as that, in order to today, he has prepared for three months, adjust their own state to the peak.Before many families clamor to crusade against lu bu, but when lu bu really sit in luoyang, make a pair of to dry posture, these voices are strange disappeared.

Yu ban bitter nodded, a few soldiers nodded to behind him, zhaoyun waved, a large number of white horse camp soldiers dismounted, quickly took over the cao army barracks, will camp heavy transport out of all Numbers, at the same time, seized the cao army weapons, horses."It's pretty good. Some people, even if they know, would rather live with their mistakes than fix them." Lyu3 bu4 smile way, true nobody see among them malpractice? Not necessarily, but no one changed, even some people add some fire to the fire, in contrast, zheng xuan although stubborn, but a scholar's demeanor, right is right, wrong is wrong, not mixed with too much personal feelings in it."White horse righteousness from?" Looking at the barracks outside, the white war horse of that uniform color, in the silence way, in those days white horse righteousness from the north but flourishing, just fall with gongsun zan, white horse righteousness from also became history, just did not think of, today, unexpectedly see such an army, the white horse of uniform color, but attack is more incisive however.一代皇后大玉儿剧情|Chapter 27 the arrival of reinforcements

一代皇后大玉儿剧情|"Don't worry." Lyu3 bu4 on tracing the cause of shoulder say with smile: "between the two countries, do not cut to make, about the whole person, is that I'm not you, I can't stand, jiangdong zhou yu, lu su, tracing the cause if in jiangdong, you want to, have to be all these people didn't, because of jiangdong resource, marshal couldn't afford to three, and on my side, but there is enough for heaven and earth, galloping, lujia more fit you."All rounders!"A platoon crossbow on an earthen platform!" Zhang liao and li shouted, and a large number of soldiers armed with crossbows rushed up to the platform of the earth, shooting at the dark crowd after the work.

"Poof ~" three personal soldiers did not have time to close to be wei yan a knife sweep fly, followed by a knife to provoke a personal soldiers to the crowd in a throw, the personal soldiers hit down a piece, the other personal soldiers dare not force the enemy, subconscious move aside, was wei yan easily killed break the siege."Hey hey, childe, Lord male but said, on the court, only see result and defeat, regardless of respect inferior of, this first ball, I want." Strong young age, but the voice is very rough."The one headed by the north is the Lord's son, lv zheng. The others are sons of generals." Yang fu explained with a smile.一代皇后大玉儿剧情|




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