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王瑞儿个人资料|nckia n99Build a hot air balloon or a kite or something, but it takes time and effort to do so, The risk is still very high, For the time being, The rest, lyu3 bu4 thought for a long time, Also still feel that perhaps stirring up internal contradictions is the best way, solid castle, always the easiest to break from the inside, in lyu3 bu4 view, white water qiang twelve, represents twelve different forces, according to the circumstances, stirring up contradictions, it is best to secretly accept one or two of them, so, to accept the whole white water qiang is easier."Protect master safety, is my duty!" Two subordinates awed."Seibel said good." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, sink a track: "Millions of people, concerning the future of our army, can not afford to lose, we avoid this war is inevitable, but will be destroyed, over will win the world!"

"Where is Liang Hsing? Can you dare to go out to war with me?" A burst of roar like thunder ripped heaven and earth, exploded outside the camp."Master, can it ever be confirmed?" At asked cautiously.Lyu3 bu4 looked at the map Han De pointed out the location, nodded and said: "Notify d, let him bring troops to meet herding horse slope, in addition, send someone to inform seibel, zhang liao, cioffi, as soon as possible to the border migration of troops, to wuwei formation of the encirclement! Order the whole army, three more tomorrow, five more, must not be mistaken!"王瑞儿个人资料|"Tonight you will take a thousand men to guard the camp, and the other three thousand will follow me to receive Wei Yen-suo." Zhong yao flatly way.

王瑞儿个人资料|"Master, this person named Yang Qiu, is Korea hence under the maestro." Xu rong came forward, bow to lyu3 bu4 way.Revenge is not important, it is important to let the han army leave as soon as possible!This fellow as long as he has money, No matter how much, have the ability to spend it all in one day, Even the biggest dude in Xuchang, See country this level of defeat, also have to bow to the wind, at, freeze, cao cao's wenwu, now basically is the creditor of the country, from ancient times to the present, in the face of the creditor can be so calm, even dare to lick his face to borrow money again, I'm afraid there is no semicolon, but cao cao's wenwu, for the goods are not excluded, also day strange.

"Wei Yan." Chen Xing twisted his head to look at, see is his banner, smiling to Gao Shundao.D frown way: "Just as far as I know, Korea hence old thief rear also stationed troops."In the distance, seibel also found the routed army naturally.王瑞儿个人资料|




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