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新巴黎社区|富迩佳"How do I know? Zhang lu, with a bad complexion, put on his clothes and let his wife continue to have a rest. He pushed the door and went out with an unhappy face, but found the door open. Not only the housekeeper, but also yan pu of the long history, Yang bo, Yang ang and Yang song were all waiting outside the door.Chapter 37 rolling"Tse majesty! < / p > < p > a group of baiji emissaries did not find the cat among them, after kneeling down, slowly out.

"What are our war losses? Zhang liao looked a little ugly, although the battle won, but the other side launched the kind of strange chongcheng car or break through their defense, if not captured ye cheng, the consequences are unimaginable."Well!" Zhao bangtou promised to enter the temple.The legalists, mohists, taoists and even the workers, peasants and businessmen would not be willing to restore their preeminent status. Just watch it. Before long, they will stand up and say it. Lv bu smiled.新巴黎社区|Since all the time, everybody knows lv bu hand, have a very fierce army, protecting lv bu and lv bu family's safety all the time, just did not think of, these people distance oneself can be so close, for a time, cannot help but give a cold sweat.

新巴黎社区|"Yo ~""He's got a million people and goods. What do you want?" Liu xie frowns."I take orders!" Xun you bowed and nodded.

His city, jun although there are many survivors, but in the next, zhang liao army blanket roller compaction, xh to reorganize the defense, and followed by d Zang bully, zhaoyun drop in banned, JiNa areas, large city, xh overnight became a rat crossing the street, spent in jizhou lyu3 bu4 army after next, hide, more than ten days later, just before night in the Yellow River to find the place where the water is not rushing to swim."Master, childe, not good! A servant girl blundered in."General." Several aides into the account, looking at the complexion of the xia houyuan, hesitated for a moment, bow way: "lu thief army bolt strong, and the stockade protection, we can not see through the actual situation, for today's plan, hope to be able to lead the enemy out of the camp, in the field.新巴黎社区|




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