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古今船都网紧妇康价格Chapter 16 pang tong mou hanzhong"They don't order us, they order more!" Zhang liao glanced at the direction of yecheng, continue to command the soldiers around: "everybody moves faster, every one wants to have a Mars crossbow arrow tower, a row of crossbows and three even crossbows, brothers, our military training for 5 years and this is the first battle over the past five years, must be beautiful, remember to me, as long as there are enemies alive, don't give me stingy JianCu, cao cao that dwarf the blokes dare to assassinate master, this tone, let alone the tetrarch swallow not to descend, we also swallow not to descend, this battle, must play, the master said, JiZhou is cao cao and he should compensate to us, to the first general spent the jizhou soldiers to play didn't, let them know our fierce! Want to do meritorious service!"That year in xuzhou, puyang, as two generals under the command of lv bu and cao cao, two people can not less hand, now meet again, this time, zhang liao is to give xia houyuan a surprise.

Neither for nor against."Be." Xu shu nodded his head, and after thinking for a moment, he said, "kong mingqian is a studious man who is good at argument. He often compares himself with guan zhong and le yi. In the past, Mr. Sima once said that wolong is kong Ming's chicken. "古今船都网"Well ~" messenger hurriedly followed cao cao several people into the hall.

古今船都网Giffin glanced at lu zheng, nods silently in the heart, lyu3 bu4 way of teaching is very unique, he won't be forced to give people their own idea, but by the guide to add arguments to say, sounds a bit eccentric, but in fact, lyu3 bu4 say these, but it is now more than ever lyu3 bu4 under to the root cause of the prosperous, unfortunately, not all the people, can make lyu3 bu4 have the patience to speak these things.Xia houyuan silently nodded his head, but his eyes fell on the bar of the flag, see the flag on the town of east general zhang five words unusual eye-catching.At the same time, in cao's camp, xia houyuan did not know that ye cheng had changed hands overnight, but at the moment was the hospitality of cao cao sent his helper.

Since lyu3 bu4 strategy has reached the purpose of hanzhong, the next, the battle JiZhou don't have to go, while cao cao up, Zang with two horses in the north, but zhang liao don't think the two men with xh beaten army, can block up main he spent in jizhou, zhaoyun, d the two elite, and cross the sea of this division has begun to blockade river, cao cao even if want to rescue, in the face of this army is overwhelmed, I'm afraid."I respect the name of hou, the champion. However, hanzhong enjoyed peace for many years. Since general lu... Zhang lu opened his mouth to refuse, but in the middle of the sentence, the flag-bearer had withdrawn the scroll and interrupted his words.< / p > < p > is commanding the soldiers shooting lv bu army xia houyuan suddenly a cold heart, instinct turned back, jumped off the platform, followed by the arrow rain will be on the platform cao jun instant empty, although xia houyuan hid in time, was still a bolt shot through the shoulder.古今船都网




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