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人工智能概念股手动磨光机In addition to the first day into the king's court, lyu3 bu4 this is the second time to step into the king's tent, and did not see Kui Tou, but under the leadership of the maid, directly into the rear of the king's tent."Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city...""We can ask xianbei people." Suddenly some unwilling way.

"Ten thousand is already here." Breathe a sigh softly, step degree root raised his head, looked at the broken tribe in front of him, with a little mockery: "Most of the rest is some old people, women and children, how much fighting power?"Just yesterday, Tuoba tribe Tuoba JiFen blatantly destroyed a clan attached to the king's court, although only a small tribe, but Tuoba JiFen has been released, within three days, he will be three Tuoba tribe rude tribe from the king's court, and the three tribes, without exception, are attached to the king's court of xianbei.Lyu3 bu4 poetry itself did not bring much praise, seven quatrains at this time has not yet arisen, plus lyu3 bu4's identity as a military commander, scholar in the poem itself has not much praise, but the content of this poem, but let countless people, especially those born in the north, this feeling is particularly strong.人工智能概念股This is not xu togeher, on the contrary, xu togeher is very clear about the meaning of the war to lombardi, when he left once told thousands of ding, what can be touched, but rations is taboo, never allow loss, touch is dead.

人工智能概念股"Your Majesty, I beg your pardon." Lan Zhan regained that dignified look, holding Qui-head, soft voice way.Step root but don't know his brother at the moment of concern, in the news, he was glad to make good temuzhen is a right choice, now smiled and said: "several big tribes have begun to join hands to kill temuzhen, he has no way to go except to take refuge in us, congratulations, eldest brother, my king's court got this general, will be like a tiger's wing!""Don't disturb the people!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, flatly way.

"Don't worry, we won't move your three hundred people, and we'll send you three thousand people as your part. As for these women, they belong to you. We won't ask you what you want to do, and we'll give them a piece of land near the King's Court."Looked at the direction of mayi, lyu3 bu4 with all returned to the camp, a title of generals in ancient times camp after the wounded settled down, will be a sad face of He Man called: "What happened? Why the old male to stop marching?""Yes!" The knight took a breath and let himself breathe less violently. "We found signs of Temuzhen near the Kifu tribe, but …" he said.人工智能概念股




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