侯祖辛 天天向上

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侯祖辛 天天向上纯果肤立白"What did you say? ?" Zhang he looked into the lang zhong with an incredible look in his eyes.Lyu3 bu4 also be quiet, rare ancient rhythm of life is always not as compactness era of information explosion, even if again busy also don't like the later can make people dead, and a title of generals in ancient times of lyu3 bu4 mansion has a set of perfect work system, classify, when problems were presented in lyu3 bu4 case-solving above, in fact is after Biao ride a house since the stay after induction, summary and review what is truly meaningful."What will happen? Dare to compare with your generals?" Pang DE humoured and then said, "it is said that these four generals' martial arts and tactics have all received this old instruction. They are famous in hebei province. During the reign of emperor xiao-ren, they were famous all over the world.

"Off!" CAI MAO finally sighed, turned the horse's head, with kuai yue and pro - wei fled, as far as possible all the way into the defeat.Ignoring the falling oracles, a night owl stepped forward and bowed to the general, "at the command of the Lord, you are requested to return to the city to meet him."Lyu3 bu4, already powerful arrive this level?侯祖辛 天天向上Xu shu also knew why lv bu was not allowed by the world's noble families, but now lv bu had enough to resist the world's noble families.

侯祖辛 天天向上"General ho! Guan hai was a little ashamed that he man had followed his brother and later voted with him."Acquaintance? Xu sheng slightly frown, the scouts but from the original lv bu in runan time with his side, now responsible for scouts detection, he said the acquaintance, but......"You and I are husband and wife after all, since the matter has come to this, I am a dying man, can not let your wife widowed for me, so I give a letter of divorce, madam, madam again choose a marriage. Liu biao took out a letter from the bed and gave it to Mrs CAI.

"General of military advisers?" Gao shun read the letter in his hand again, and looked at pang tong, a little smile appeared on his rigid face: "I heard ling qi said that Sir Has a talent, this is to experience some.""Hubbub ~" a group of just as if at any moment may fall down the female soldiers broke out at an amazing speed, suddenly has appeared in the car to push the next side, began to Wolf down.Original JingXiang epic siege Addis, was Addis run, has left a hired, this matter has been CAI as a disgrace, hired was caught, CAI not how to heart, after but Addis let CAI before liu table and other family lift head, often mention it, there would be people as a joke.侯祖辛 天天向上




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