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凌风贵金属|黑木蘑养生茶有效吗"Swish ~""It is not only an honor or disgrace to my family, but also a matter of respect to the family of the world. Gentlemen, in case of any accident, no one shall set foot here until the matter is over, and when it is over, the council will come and make its own apology to you." Sima prevent a cold way."Leave? Where to?" < / p > < p > liang xing puzzled to see han sui, gu Tibet has been their last piece of land, no gu Tibet, which way to go next?

Cold west wind blowing the earth, also aroused ma chao a fiery ambition.Chapter 53 camp"Let these soldiers and horses to camp out in the fields, can follow cao cao's strategy of camping out in the fields, when farming is busy, when farming is idle to organize training. Lu bu rapped on the table: "at least for the time being, we cannot afford to raise 100,000 troops. We only select the elite troops to stay behind, including the troops and horses in yong zhou. Thirty thousand elite troops will be left to guard chang 'an in addition to the garrison around the country."It is lv bu!"凌风贵金属|GuLiYou o see the trend of open to scold, called animal husbandry of the qiang people young hurriedly come forward to two steps, with a leg of lamb blocked the mouth of the p. o, carefully looked around, but see the guards of the han army did not notice here at the moment, just quietly to p. o ear way: "the general, be careful, I hear an important intelligence from the han Chinese, our burn when are the life and death, to tell you, you shut down, don't let the han people suspicious."

凌风贵金属|It was a luxury for the people of these days to eat meat. Although lv bu had a plan to run a pasture, he did not plan to carry it out on the land of yongzhou. If he could occupy a large area of grassland in the future, he would carry out a pasture plan there to provide rich meat and enough horses for the central plains.Half a year's time, the camp has considerable scale, in addition to the center of the camps, out of a vast wasteland outside, this is for the workman's dependents, is to reward those craftsmen, each can be assigned to a few acres of marginal, and is not taxed the sort of, for this day and age, have to, and not, this is more than any treasure worth money, after all this land, can be passed down in the army, and only made a meritorious service are eligible was assigned to the fields, and also make these craftsmen more hard work for lu bu.The old hound looked anxiously at the old master who had slipped down and dragged him up. Unfortunately, he was too old to be dragged at all. He turned his head and took a look at the approaching horses.

"The Lord now holds the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians, and every wrong decision is likely to result in countless deaths." Looking at lu lingqi, Chen gong seriously said: "miss want to be a general, this palace inconvenience comment good or bad, but for the general, but not just the battlefield fighting, more important is the strategy, the battlefield every possible to make a prediction, as far as possible in beating the enemy at the same time, will own casualties to a minimum."But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp.Three hundred regiments of hussars came after lu bu, and every one of them leaned slightly on his side. His saber did not make too many splashes.凌风贵金属|




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