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tokyo hot n0659|友方f7"Hey ~" pang tong smell speech to roll roll one's eyes, at the outset oneself when the door next book zuo of time, can have no little fault, god knows lyu3 bu4 not suspicion oneself be vexed, oneself give one foot kick, another look for new personality.While he was talking, he had already slapped his horse with a stick.'madman! Clearly a force far more than the other, not bad in skills, should have been a blow out of the fight, who knows was zhang he a pair of deadly dozen not give drove itself, in the battle, with zhang he holds the sea is the first time such a mess humbled, and at that time, roar, but also take this madman populace, the somebody else to come with you in striving, holds the sea even if you take the bold, also don't want to in this time with zhang he striving, at that time, the slain fall into.

"Keats obeyed." Keats nodded and hesitated. "it's just that the Lord has been too cruel to a group of women."This period of time, seibel've been thinking about how to break the enemy, strengthen their water army war ability, the training is obviously not possible, not so long to prepare seibel, so seibel had to change the way of thinking, to find a way to circumvent their short board in war, before and at the front back river sailors said waiting for January, can cross the river, wake up seibel, the ice, so the whole river as the land, though it's not that big skill, but he has hundreds of ships, if, a joint of connection into a giant "land", problem solved soon?< / p > < p > luoyang over there play in full bloom, separated by more than 100 miles of natural feeling, liu bei accompanied by sima lang walked to the city, looking at Chen will command three thousand soldiers in perfect order, hand to help the woman wall, at this moment, liu bei finally had a bit of gas in the heart of the world.tokyo hot n0659|Party day painting ji from bottom to top, with a peculiar rhythm, unaccountable aura will xu chu, at this moment, xu chu in the eyes of the world is like lu bu before the world, become slow down, and even tried to hammer the speed is very slow, lu bu ji also very slow, but is more than one times faster than his hammer, at this moment, xu chu can clearly feel the speed gap.

tokyo hot n0659|Liu biao nodded, looking at the sky and the starry sky, shook his head and said, "Yin di's words are heavy. Now the han dynasty is in turmoil. Yi DE has a strong temper. I don't know, but Yin di is very kind to comfort him. There is no need to be too strict."

"Isn't that the master of every martial house? This is... "Exclaimed an old man.Lv bu spread out the map on the spot, looked at the direction of the mountains and rivers, and said, "on the contrary, it is taihang mountain side.tokyo hot n0659|




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