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2iiii|一号食品"In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed.As seibel commanded, a team of guinness quickly to hold some savings, will stay in front of the shield wall to brace, responsible for the shield to shield the hand, the rapid retreat, followed by a group of sword and shield soldier quickly, although don't like to be able to build the shield of shield wall as a terrorist, but in the hands of the sword and shield hand shield also is very high, the shield to the front of the stand, only half of the head Lou in the outside, there are five feet five inches on each shield, thickness also has two fingers wide, also has a strong defense, and even can block an attack broken crossbows."Drag these rotten logs to the back for kaesong!" Hear outside the gate again sound of dull crash sound, magnificent sea cold hum 1, let a person pull those wooden beast away, the gate is opened again.

King tired at the helm of the law, how much will leave some, for some small things can turn a blind eye, to find a way to avoid trouble, milan confused, king tired don't careless, at this time of the profit, not to implement the rule of law, but this must, lyu3 bu4's success is not only because the rule of law itself, and with a lot of means, to settle her family, such as the interests of the silk road, at least follow lyu3 bu4 new the rise of the family, such as zhang liao, seibel these people's family, but rich now, but milan can't this road, he is away, and not to take the field of family live, But did not help the family open up a new source of revenue, which is equivalent to the end of the vitality of the family.However, zhou yu was in no hurry because there were more and more opportunities during the fierce battles in luoyang. Zhou yu targeted the granary in hukou, where most of jingxiang's grain was stored to support liu bei's northern expedition.2iiii|'no! Liu zhang flatly refused: "I am the clan of han dynasty, how can I compromise with these unruly people? Try again. They are the source of cholera, of the land, of the law, and must be eradicated as soon as possible."

2iiii|"This...... "Zhou an smiled sadly and shook his head." the old slave is a military man, but he doesn't have the ability to recognize people. But I don't feel as happy as when I was with general sun.""The Lord is right." Jia xu nodded with a smile.People of lv bu!

The whole camp was filled with a deep sense of sadness. Cao cao, accompanied by gao LAN and xia houyuan, made his rounds of the camp. Everywhere, he could hear the soldiers' low cries and plaintive cries.The penetration of lv bu to yi state has been so deep! ?"Huh?" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, the vision that does not have any fluctuation falls on nighthawk body: "when can nighthawk ask political affairs?"2iiii|





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