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丝薇澜女装雅诗媚尔隐形蜂膜Cao cao glanced at guo jia, but saw that guo jia was pale and dazed. He was worried and was about to speak when he saw a small school rushing into his account.Chapter 84 situation and law"Why? Why doesn't he come to contain lu bu, but he wants our troops to have a hard encounter with lu bu?" Even more xi also heard, yuan shang this is to pit them.

Door book "who is not high, even does not enter the grade, but in lyu3 bu4 forces, sharpening the head don't know how many people want to back in the seat of power, because it is closest to lu bu, also can better show lyu3 bu4 own talent, see eyre, former door book, is now the main zhang bing a state government secretariat, although there is no the relieving, but in lyu3 bu4, is now hot figure.< / p > < p > the judge looked at the figure of yuan shang, suddenly some cold feeling, although yuan shang in many aspects with yuan shao is very similar, but more than yuan shao mean oligosathetic, such a moment, about the safety of jizhou, but also want to calculate Allies, not can't, but can't be hereAfter cao cao and yuan shang completed the division of the battle in September, the transfer of troops quickly attracted lv bu's attention."Death row! Guan yu was so angry that he abandoned the magnificent sea and killed the young general. Although his right shoulder was wounded by the meteor hammer, he could not make a force for a moment, but his left arm was intact.丝薇澜女装"Eight hundred miles?" Ma chao frowns to spread out a letter, sword eyebrow 1 pick, see to side a follow an army adviser way: "Lord Lord let my department soldier horse abandon to attack river east, south river luo support, this is why?"

丝薇澜女装This already did not know the several times to be looked at by the person with this kind of ignorant eye, two people already numb, nevertheless have a piece of good news is to meet acquaintance, Yang fu was sent to jiang dong in those days, have intercourse with jiang dong of all nationalities, two people are children of old and new families, natural knowledge."Report ~" be in two people prepare to go up city retreat an enemy while, the soldier of armour of distant a bloodshot battle is blaring come over, send out the shrieked cry of tore heart crack lung far: "two childe, big event is not good, north gate is broken, the horse of lv bu kills come in!"Guan yu eyes the color of a bit surprised, although only one hand, has been tried, but his art of using saber is dacheng, the knife appears to be concise, but if a big coincidence, never block, an unusual military commanders in the sight of young while retaining reluctantly, but successfully blocked the he slay one knife, look at that young age is not big, early twenties, in the heart can not help but looming large, in addition to this child, lyu3 bu4 under someday will be one more valiant soldier.

Nobody reason him, all the people took his feet running, this time, don't need to run a horse, as long as it is faster than others, that can be survived, d is called a few times in a row, but no one response, it let the jingzhou army ran faster, now finally know why seibel d to give him that kind of command, the jingzhou army, no resistance will, d even saw some people in order to survive, pull companion to her back, but hugged by his partner, two people get together, the result two people soon been turbulent and committed step into paste, a similar phenomenon happens constantly.Judge match call him to go back, it is to hope him to help support yuan shang to contend for the throne of Lord obviously, just at present arch-enemy current, Lord is not really dead, these people already began to make a blatant?丝薇澜女装




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