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参股东风平板货车As for fazheng, zhuge liang did not have much research, but the strategy of conquering shu was not like the means of pang tong, so it must have been written by him."Poof ~" the cold sword sharp pull, cut throat, the body with splashes of blood slowly fell, bluestone ground was soon stained red with a piece of blood."Can we use the army now?"

Zhang ren's complexion was somewhat sombre, especially in regard to the last words he uttered, which were intended to incite unrestBut the opponent for the life of contempt let guan yu this and others feel some despair, what are these hu people thinking?< / p > < p > guan yu did not understand, lv bu how much charm, actually let these hu gan when cannon fodder, people can see, lv bu is to use these cannon fodder to consume jingzhou army's spirit, if the city or those shooting camp soldiers, guan yu himself have no confidence to attack the wall.参股If you know these people's idea, estimate their pang tong and others will be straight, deng quiet river as the show is being such a baby to sleep, although the age is not big, but the outlook is not low, lyu3 bu4 cultivation of lu zheng is not just as simple dies studies, chang 'an to luoyang, the size of the government the kid all times, and each year lyu3 bu4 with lu zheng to visit the Great Wall, to see a real fight, both governance place practice ability, or to force commander in chief conductor, threw him a county town, are not necessarily inferior to pang tong these people do, and it is all of that kind of military and civilian.

参股"The last officer will be appointed." Deng xianwen, no longer persuade, anyway this left eighty thousand troops already ready, ready to go."Poof ~""Not afraid, but afraid you don't have the ability!" Pang tong gave a cold hum and turned his head to look at the generals in the tent. He said calmly, "my Lord lv bu, maybe he is not as good as everyone else, but he is very public-private and very serious about rules."

"Back to jiangling! Chen to shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., Jiang Dongjun have prepared on the riverbank, and he brought jiangxia to ambush Jiang Dongjun water-forces, carry are strong GongJin crossbows, whereas the other is fully equipped, and war is not to the director, Chen in this kind of invasion in a disadvantage, unless he is willing to risk the cost of massive casualties rushed up to hard with each other, as long as on shore, Chen to self-confidence, can fight our way out, but that makes no sense, ashore, even before his military forces have to collapse."Oh?" Deng xian looked at pang tong and said, "what does this mean?"参股




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