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进口博览会时间疯狂斗地主3代< / p > < p > deng xian understood, smiled and nodded, is the default pang tong meaning, as for the original shu four will now become three, no one CARES."Peng ~""General zhang ren? Lu zheng twist a head to look at zhang ren, specifically requested, this is zhang ren lu bu and personally ordered to milan, with lu zheng understanding of their own Lao tze, were it not for this as a true have ability, how can lu bu so highly, treat people, since the childhood, plus lyu3 bu4 precept, lu zheng or very seriously, not to direct command.

"Almost." Shorts nodded with a smile, this is method is brought to his two people, other skill: no, there is a good music, but as long as you have heard each other speak, can imitate to each other close, before all, natural is brokered shorts, milan, even if again fatuous, also can't do such a thing at a time, and the land of abundance, beauty, with milan, what kind of beauty, milan are also nothing special hobbies, how can go looking for members of the family?"Filial piety straight, several years not to see, you with that old fox learn a set really useful." The battle in the city was coming to an end. Sporadic resistance could not bring any changes to the fallen city of chengdu. Pang tong and wei yan found fazheng and zhang song and smiled."Son of a bitch, how dare you!" Zhang ren shouted angrily.进口博览会时间But although fell, that wants to compete with the central plains general the idea of a lower or higher position did not fade subsequently however, after all, no matter what kind of reason, the reputation of the surrender general is not good after all, especially zhang fei that arrogant maniac day after day swaggering, yan yan needs a war to prove himself.

进口博览会时间Chapter 88 the heart is utterly lost, and the people forsake"Including me." Nod, things up to now, 100,000 troops besieged the city, the city has been with liu zhang alienation, meng da has no need to continue to cover up.Chapter 89 rehabilitation

Liu zhang also follow from inside come out, smell speech facial expression can't help a black, any who be pointed at by the hand before the nose scold in the heart face also won't be easy to accept, at that time frown nu way: "betray the thief of the Lord, I ask oneself treat you not thin, calculate political strategy mistake, now yizhou already broken, why do you still peeve?"Soon, pang tong, under the leadership of a military marquis, entered the big account. At this moment, almost all the generals from langzhong university had arrived. Hundreds of people focused on pang tong and then moved away.But zhuge liang can not personally do this kind of thing, and the side, in zhuge liang's view, and only ma su regardless of wisdom or talent, is the most suitable candidate, so he is ready to let ma su to do this thing.进口博览会时间





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