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狗熊跨栏失败遭踢旺拉虫草CAI MAO felt that his head was dizzy. He stared at kuai liang with a sneer on his face. He shouted angrily and took two steps to stab the steel knife into kuai liang's chest and abdomen."Used to it." Lu bu swallowed the food, light way: "as a superior, you should at least have such mental preparation, your enemy will not tell the rules with you, like on the court, some people will be in the referee can not see the place of malicious foul, political, will be more cruel than those malicious foul.Lu zheng silent, for the young he, the malicious foul on the court has been a very evil thing, but found that there are actually a hundred times more evil than that thing, think of today's assassination, lu zheng suddenly felt that the world is so cruel."Our thunderbolt may have a try!" < / p > < p > a staff suggested, xia houyuan smell speech eyes can not help but a bright, hurriedly sent out the thunder car, just not close to the thunder car, was out of the camp dozens of bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood, also took a few lives, to break the thunder car plan has not formally started the failure.

"The general is serious." Pei yi said with a smile: "when the camp was set up, it had been estimated that there was enough space, but now it can be piled up behind the wooden camp, the city's grain, fresh water enough for our army to spend a year, but at the moment can not let xia houyuan see the flaws.Chapter thirty-three politeness before action狗熊跨栏失败遭踢"What's the matter? Cao cao looked at the messenger.

狗熊跨栏失败遭踢But this kind of person, give lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 all dare not to use, because where appropriate, in which are somewhat wasted, the best position, is to give lyu3 bu4 position free to him, this is lu bu yourself don't have that liu bei drive completely to believe a person, now lyu3 bu4, chan falling in to palace, is responsible for the interior, giffin check for lyu3 bu4 20, foreign, is pang, cao cao is given priority to, do their job, have their own specialization., zhuge liang some helpless, but also have to admit that this is the most effective strengthen liu2 bei4 status, four big family has become the past, those who follow liu bei's small and medium-sized family although not assigned to the CAI kuai two fields some disturbing, but in fact, liu bei didn't also to their fields, in the situation of jingzhou changes, these small and medium-sized family still belongs to the benefit of one party, but the heart, always not easily meet, zhuge liang is not opposed to liu bei so gradually expand their control, but not it is at this time, because pacify JingXiang, just the first step, zhuge liang plans next, Annexation of shu zhong is zhuge liang plan, to lay the most critical step of liu bei's overlord, only to take shu zhong, and then to be able to compete with lv bu, this is zhuge liang has always advocated the principle, but also at present liu bei's center of gravity, and this, need liu bei under the rule of one mind!"Let's see first. If we can regain the yangping pass, we can deal with it." Zhang lu shook his head.

"When did you ever worship me?" Lv bu shakes his head sadly."Even if our army had an absolute advantage over cao cao, it would take five years to digest the central plains." Zhongyuan family all over the world, however, even if lyu3 bu4 occupied the central plains, there is also a hard hit, destroy cao cao is easy, but to lu bu in the guanzhong policy implement step by step, not only by the iron fist to suppress, so it is difficult to digest cao cao's territory, and this five years, liu2 bei4 will shu in the annex, enough to know, liu2 bei4 but now too much powerful than history, the whole jingzhou, now in addition to xiangyang city, has done all belong to the liu bei, lyu3 bu4 if at this time will be a lot of time consumption in digesting the central plains, when lu bu to again, I'm afraid liu2 bei4 also completed the integration of jingzhou and shu."Lv fengxian!" Cao cao suddenly pulled out a waist of the sword, a sword before the table cut into two, a pair of eyes become red.狗熊跨栏失败遭踢




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