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西尔贝跑车|重庆企业黄页Xunyu and his three men looked at each other. Xunyu looked at cao cao and asked, "is the Lord preparing for a decisive battle with lv bu?"Lyu3 bu4 just outside of your own house, after all, the attempt, followed by cao cao took place under the mass killing, to say nothing to do with lyu3 bu4, who don't believe that, the scholastic crusade in lyu3 bu4 voices came out of it again, the accused even start for ju-men lyu3 bu4's, think these people are clearly to collaborate."Don't worry, brother wencheng did a lot, CAI MAO's people did not follow up, but brother wencheng before around the city, it is easy to arouse suspicion." Kuai more twist a head to see zhang yun one eye, smile way.

As one of the dozens of BanTou luoyang city, zhao BanTou at the moment she saw lu bu becomes some bad mood, do not have any lyu3 bu4 prejudices, but the emergence of lyu3 bu4 and intervention, it is proved that zhao BanTou powerless, unexpectedly to disturb lyu3 bu4 to handle a case, lyu3 bu4 probably won't care about, but for zhao BanTou, this isn't a good chance to curry favor with lu bu, but there is one thing goes wrong, the zhao BanTou this year may appear great merit to the assessment of the variables.Lv bu nodded and looked at LAN zhan, saying, "this matter is related to my guanzhong tens of millions of people's livelihood.Shield on the back of a continuous fracture, a is on the body of the soldiers was scored, the power of the enemy no matter was still on the use of these weapons, obviously after training, both precision and interval between each arrow is exquisite, can turn their hands was the largest power play, defenders of the ChengTou snuffed out again.西尔贝跑车|Lyu3 bu4 nature is destroyed, more directly to cao cao to plain areas, and is suitable for lyu3 bu4 fight, and compared with liu bei, milan and Sun Quanzhi flow, lyu3 bu4 to cao cao pay more attention to some, but also the population of the central plains, is an important factor lyu3 bu4 covet cao cao, cao cao just to swallowed, lu bu is the real world hegemony.

西尔贝跑车|With the voice of zhao zilong falling, both sides of the door opened, a group of riding foals, age absolutely not more than 10 years old boys galloped out, in the zhaoyun two sides of the line, each carrying a curved pole.To put it bluntly, lyu3 bu4 cao cao, now one of the biggest obstacles is not force, but once opened, lyu3 bu4 only sun quan, it is likely to become Allies will follow lyu3 bu4, if lyu3 bu4 took the place of the central plains, regardless of whether can hold the han emperor in their hand, even if you can't, lyu3 bu4 forces than originally three kingdoms at the same time in the history of cao cao is more big, three cent world, lyu3 bu4 scored the second, both liu bei and sun quan will not sit back lyu3 bu4 win the central plains.Hanzhong since scored, lyu3 bu4 layout is equal to have half the success, the next side of governance in hanzhong city, the battle of JiZhou don't have to continue to drag, had spent since said to retake jizhou, nature is not in making fun of cao cao, spent as long as jizhou fall into their own hands, even if the two cao cao, liu lu bu also have enough confidence to face it by yourself.

Xun yu in his room almost be killed the snake, at the next day, when you eat food is under the highly toxic, if not a faithful dog snapped at food, I am afraid, at that difficult, zhong yao shot in his mansion, although be saved guards, but also seriously injured, zhong yao assassin was rushed to the army siege in conjunction with the clock home dinking, but did not leave a monkey, a dozen assassin, abruptly resolutely committed suicide after killing hundreds of soldiers."The general is serious." Pei yi said with a smile: "when the camp was set up, it had been estimated that there was enough space, but now it can be piled up behind the wooden camp, the city's grain, fresh water enough for our army to spend a year, but at the moment can not let xia houyuan see the flaws."This...... This minister has not asked." Yang fu laughs awkwardly, this time basically is affirmatory other party identity, as for what thing, still did not explore really.西尔贝跑车|




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