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聊天跑车康尔来经络通Zhang sniffed at the words, but could only smile sadly and said no more."Are you from the family?" Han DE surprised to see this person one eye: "but the Lord seek me?""Snow ~"

A title of generals in ancient times the general office, the fighting raged, outside the door was struck, five hundred dead and more than a dozen dead and desperate rushed into the house, trying to gain a foothold, but be ready Gideon commanded, dozens of spear body will die and scored, xi bow arm in arm, continuous shooting to turn it over from the wall of the die, the general house back yard, big Joe cole anxiously watching a bunch of midwife into busy busy, but can't help you get started, only listened at the door outside the throats of heart secretly anxious."Be." Two female riders came forward and took the REINS.Now han sui and burn when the army of station troops Yu Zuli, p. o on, all the way to the to the han sui army soldiers guarding city for the return of the p. o not suspicious, defeat army were killed yesterday, after Korea then come back with an army, slew of this return to ZuLi, p. o so regression does not make people notice that only where a routed troops back.聊天跑车After hamur left, liu bao went back to his king's tent. In his king's tent, there was a huge map. It was a map of hetao, which he had spent half a year drawing out with sheepskin.

聊天跑车Chapter 21 the beginning of the battle of guandu"No, go and wait on the lady." Lv bu shook shake hand, not be melodramatic, just he was used to the style of vigorous and resolute, let others give oneself dress, trouble does not say, and time-consuming also is long.Unfortunately, how could lu bu continue to give this fertile land to outsiders to harm? So the king of the month for help sent for a long time, but lu bu has been no answer, see the race will be destroyed, the king of the month can only hope on the body of lu bu, hope he can be like a genie soldiers in general, appear in the lake of the month, to save the fate of the month will be exterminated, even if from now on to submit to lu bu, or better than extermination ah.

Night, Addis with a help of satiated with food and women, under the guidance of pang tong, quietly touch about new item, new item city is not big, but the terrain is very important, in the pang tong surprised eyes, looked at a group of women wearing black strength, like civet cat under the moon, quietly climbed up the wall, easy to ChengTou defense system, the city of new item has five hundred defenders, overnight, so be quiet.However, it is not difficult to understand that, as diao cicada's stomach is growing, lu bu's second child is about to be born.In a different world, although it is a reversal of space-time, or two space-time is not on the same line, but these things are not important.聊天跑车





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