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办公室开溜蒲城县学生资助网"Haha, in puyang, your master failed to defeat me. Today, I will teach you a lesson!" More xi laugh 1, trident square day halberd is cut repeatedly belt thorn, follow majestic sea battle in one place.Rough voice over and over on the spacious tinker, a group of women under the urging of lyu3 bu4 back up their bags, a group of girls some do not suit the style of lyu3 bu4 suddenly changed obviously, but still quickly back up the bags, there is a little lyu3 bu4 right, these are all Addis hand-picked to woman, and quashed battle of the western regions, played well, regardless of the strength, physical strength and endurance, all passes through the system training, regardless of gender, each on the army, is elite, but also have a psychological preparation to accept lyu3 bu4 training, at the moment of quality, Even the hussars who were watching were astonished.At least is also cao cao's general, when was people called children? Li's heart held a breath, but not out, turned to fight, that is to die.

Chen gong shook his head and said, "the duke of the spring and autumn prosperity, but the palace is old and decently, the excellent left, the academy, and the works department set up the bookstore, one by one, can not put down, this lifetime, can see the duke set up such a foundation, enough.The family not only has the formidable infantry, but also has a highly mobile cavalry, if at this time CAI MAO chose to retreat, then from here to mengjin this way, I am afraid to stage again today's rout."Yue xi, go to inform yuan shang, tonight lyu3 bu4 meeting rob camp, ask him to send troops quickly to aid!" Cao cao turned to look at the side of the more xi, harsh voice way: "go back quickly, tonight there is a war!"办公室开溜Two armies like two flood in the alley, the collision, killing noise became a yuan shang side has dozens of large JiShi, under the most, Sui yuan in this way is to occupy a number of advantages, in the alley, the power of big JiShi not cast away, by Sui yuan into the side with the number of advantage constantly crowded with setbacks.

办公室开溜"But if we do not retreat now, how will the general prepare to resist gao shun after three days?" Kuai more scowling way, now the number of the advantage has not enough to make up for the lack of morale, three days after the gaoshun army if to storm, only a round of crossbow, no more soldiers morale is just a mob, how to block the division of the tigers and wolves of gaoshun?"Lord?" Frogyuan into a sneer, also do not answer, rode forward, in the account of the gun flat out out, not see any fancy, in the other side's contemptuous eyes, suddenly accelerated, a shot pierced the throat of the other side, blood spray in the face, the general with stunned eyes with the front of the horse rushed to fall.Froyuan into a wipe away the blood stain on the face, the gun pointed to yuan shang harsh way: "soldiers, give me kill!"

"No! When cao cao heard this, he knew it was wrong."Lord, jia has a plan. It may not be useful in this war, but in the long run, it is necessary." Guo jia laughed.Almost simultaneously, originally quiet snow, heard a muffled thunder sound, all the earth tremor, gao gan hurriedly turned the horsehead, between heaven and earth, in the wind and snow aim is a knight, that like the flame of war horse for political as well as the whole yuan jun, was almost a nightmare, every time it appears, for yuan jun, is a disaster.办公室开溜




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