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高泓贤电视剧|东莞饮料厂The Baishui River is not wide, About four or five feet away, But the water was fast, It's almost impossible to cross a pontoon bridge, Although not as good as the changjiang river, but in enough danger, in this era of technological power, the storm is never feasible, only a stone bridge, although spacious, but stone bridge on both sides, diao dou, and there is a YuanMen, baishui qiang will this YuanMen as gates to build, although there is no wall, but the point of attack is only one, more solid than the gates."Yes!"Burn it for camp.

"Bring it down." Lyu3 bu4 nodded and turned his head to the north palace away from the way: "with me.""And how can it be comforted?" Cao Caowen said with a wry smile.高泓贤电视剧|As it turns out, Two legs never catch up with four, These were angry dizzy, give up horses to chase the huns fighters is undoubtedly tragic, dead teeth chase behind lyu3 bu4, gradually opened the distance, by lyu3 bu4 turned the horse head, one by one, less than an hour of time, the moon people camp outside the ground, has been littered with corpses.

高泓贤电视剧|"Yes." Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4's face, probably can guess some things, sighed in the heart, continue to say: "But these are the words, master urgent matter, is how to persuade these qiang haoshuai agreed to build."Soon, the prairie again rattled hoofs, a moon cavalry rushed this way, should be the moon people's troops.Chapter 42 Reasons for Persistence

"Master, if these xiongnu dog first step we notify chicken luzhai early to prepare, our casualties must increase a lot? And if they will be reported to the huns king's court, the huns king's court sent troops, our army will fall into the threat of the enemy." Han De looked at lyu3 bu4, don't understand the way."General Cao Peng, where are you going?" Zhang both said, hurriedly stopped.高泓贤电视剧|




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