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国美 股票斑宁祛斑霜A knife cut Xie Yun, Wang Shuang twisted his head, looked around a face of shu army, harsh voice drink a way.Wei yan, zhang ren, zhang fei these people in the game, is killed, nearly a month down, both sides have a win or lose, loss is almost the same, pang tong and zhuge liang although have not yet decided the outcome, but the men continue to fight at high intensity for nearly months, but it is some not to hold, both sides also can only temporarily truce, prepare for the next round of attack.Guan yu on the tower, heard the attack on the south suddenly increased, not from sneer at a track: "tracing the cause of children, no more than so, life in the city of troops on the south side of the city to help!"

"You..." Xie Yun heart a sink, looked at Wang Shuang's eyes gradually poor up: "general forgive me, this military order, please forgive me at the end of the difficult to obey, someone, take it down!""Boom ~""Execute the orders!" Tracing the cause looked at them, coldly way.国美 股票"Blow your own trumpet!" Guan yu eyes, li mang appeared, before just probing, this time two people are actually started a real confrontation.

国美 股票Send a person to send out the letter, yan yan a change let the card shark to his medicine, while a general who escaped from chengdu to recruit.Desolate horn accompanied by rumbling drums, jingzhou military forces and shu army poured out of the barracks, began to attack deyang, without the guanzhong elite strong bow crossbow, this time, don't have to worry about being suppressed by each other with crossbows, the battlefield seems to have returned to this era."Zhang Fei?" Wei yan get department in the future, smell speech can't help but wonder, he naturally know zhang fei, it is with lyu3 bu4 fight fierce people, but the battlefield decisive battle is different from the front fight will, murphy that zhuge liang has come up with a solution to even crossbow, otherwise how dare you let zhang fei only brought five thousand military forces to drown?

"General, east city camp commander wu jin to see." Just as Cheng Fang was about to fall asleep, a close guard suddenly came in and gave Cheng Fang his hand.The battle array of the Guanzhong Army was formed through several years of continuous training and practical training, some of them resemble Li Jing 's Six Flowers in the early Tang Dynasty, But different, li jing's six-flower array is based on cavalry, and guanzhong battle array may not be as subtle as six-flower array, is cavalry, infantry are appropriate, but does not represent invincible, the reason for dealing with jingzhou army can destroy, in addition to the quality of the soldiers themselves, in addition to the gap, the more important is weapons, armor, can win more."There 's a fight tonight?" Jiang Weiwen speech can not help but excited, they grew up in the army martial arts, then into changan academy into school, lyu3 bu4 over the years, almost everything will be used to train these two generations, one is young, but the skill is not bad, at least ordinary generals, is not necessarily the opponent of these little guys.国美 股票




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